Revolution in Asphalt production

ecological additives of the future

Ecology in asphalt production

The environmental advantages of our products are incomparable to competitors. Technical and Economic advantages are:

  • The production procedure is the same like with polymerized bitumen;
  • Instead of polymerized bitumen, ordinary bitumen is used with the addition of out polymer;
  • Asphalt production doesn’t depend on the polymerized bitumen production procedure in the refinery;
  • There is no risk of deterioration of the purchased bitumen due to the delayed asphalting caused of the bad weather;
  • No cost for maintaining the polymerized bitumen in liquid state;
  • Longer life of asphalt as well as lower construction costs.


PB25, together with ordinary bitumen, eliminates the need to use polymerized bitumen in the asphalt production process. During the production phase, it modifies the characteristics of both bitumen and aggregates and allows increasing the physical and mechanical characteristics of the asphalt, without any changes in the production parameters.


Asphalt additives are developed to improve performance, durability and road resistance.

 Our additives include aquivators, fibers, polymers, fluxes, conditioners and asphalt paints.

The use of these products provides excellent physical and mechanical properties. At the same time, emission costs and emissions are reduced.


POLYGEN NANO allows the creation of an ideal cold conglomerate for maintenance road formed from 100% milled.

POLYGEN NANO is dosed directly into the scratched asphalt (with a maximum recommended grain size of 8mm) and mixed until a homogeneous dispersion of the additive.



Cellulose-based fibers stabilize mixtures with high bitumen content, while improving mechanical properties.

The specific composition of FB50 fiber and the pellet format allow the fibers to be easily dosed, homogeneously dispersed and mixed well during the production phase and facilitate its processing to avoid bitumen separation.


POLYDOSE dispensers can be installed on any production line of bitumen mix, have large production capacity, powerful ventilators and may be equipped with clogging systems, in order to provide accurate and fast doses without slowing down the work, even if they are placed at a great distance from the line mixer.



Re-qualification of waste, in particular those that are heterogeneous and currently not recyclable


POLYDOSE dosers can be installed on any bituminous conglomerate production plant


The wide range of products developed allows improving the performance, durability and resistance of roads

“ A real revolution in the production of asphalt, which in addition to meeting all the needs for environmental protection, also allows companies to avoid unnecessary and high costs “.
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