Flux VE is an environmentally friendly product for making cold asphalt, for winter road maintenance. Cold asphalt is produced in a low temperature asphalt plant, by mixing bitumen, selected aggregates and Flux VE, which guarantees cold workability. After filling the hole with cold asphalt, the road is immediately passable. The asphalt hardens quickly from the movement of vehicles.


Is used with aggregates between 3-6 mm or 4-8 mm, and sand 0-4 mm up to 30% of the total mass of the aggregate can be added.


1) First put the aggregates in a mixer (T = 80 -120 ° C), then add Flux VE;

2) After 5-10 seconds of mixing add bitumen and mix for another 15-25 seconds;

3) Then stir for 5-15 seconds;

4) Cool the mixture;

5) Pack the mixture in PVC bags or store in storage until used.


The dosage depends on the particle size of the aggregates used, the climatic conditions and the type of bitumen used. With bitumen 70/100, the dose is 15-30% by weight of the bitumen (the higher the penetration value of the bitumen used, the lower the flux dose that is added).


The product can be stored for 24 months in the original and sealed packaging at a temperature between 5 ° C and 30 ° C. Depending on the storage temperature, the viscosity of the product may vary, but this does not affect its characteristics.


This product is not classified as dangerous. For more information, see the Product Safety Data Sheet, which is available upon request.