POLYSTAB NANO is a stabilizing product that allows the creation of ecological and recyclable earth foundations. Due to its excellent binding properties, it can be used both in the consolidation of sandy and clay soils, as well as in the presence of different types of aggregates, it allows the creation of foundations even directly on the site and quickly accessible.

POLYSTAB NANO is able to make homogeneous soil binding mixtures, removing the organic films present in the soil that prevent the correct consolidation of the binder, thus increasing the cohesion of the foundation by improving the mechanical properties and facilitating the fixing of the binder allowing it to be used quickly.

Thanks to POLYSTAB NANO it is possible to create roads, bike lanes, footpaths, car parks or basements and foundations for high traffic roads, airports, railways and manoeuvring areas for heavy vehicles.


POLYSTAB NANO can be used on any type of clayey, sandy and loamy soil, even with quarry aggregates or recycled aggregates derived from demolition, in addition to binders such as cement or hydraulic lime.


Creation of sidewalks directly on the site for the construction of stabilized road foundations and / or secondary alleys. The soil to be stabilized, previously sprinkled with cement, is worked with a milling cutter, then the soil and cement are mixed by the very action of the milling machine. Subsequently, the mixture of soil and cement is watered with a solution of water and POLYSTAB NANO, again using the milling cutter, the soil is mixed again and then compacted with the compactor cylinder.


The dosage of POLYSTAB NANO is approximately 1.5 liters per cubic meter of soil to be treated. This amount can vary slightly depending on the percentage of organic matter and clay present in the soil to be treated. A field test in the laboratory can determine exactly the required dose, while optimizing stabilization costs.

The dose of binder (cement or hydraulic lime) is approximately between 100 kg and 150 kg per cubic meter of soil to be treated. Also, in this case, a proper ground laboratory test can lead to an optimization of stabilization costs.


POLYSTAB NANO can be stored for 24 months in the original packaging and closed, at a temperature between 5 ° C and 30 ° C. Depending on the storage temperature, the product may vary in viscosity, however its characteristics are not compromised.


For more information on classification, protection and fire protection measures, please refer to the product safety data sheet available on request.


The advice on the methods of use corresponds to the current state of our knowledge and does not imply the assumption of any guarantee and / or responsibility for the final result of the work. Therefore, they do not relieve the customer of the responsibility of verifying  the suitability of the products for the use and purposes provided by preventive tests.