POLYSTAB C is a stabilizing product based on natural polymers. Thanks to its excellent binding properties, it can be used both in the consolidation of sandy and clayey soils and in the surface compaction of dirt surfaces. Its use avoids the washing away of the fine parts and guarantees an excellent consolidation of the soil.

POLYSTAB C can be used on any type of soil, clayey, sandy, and loamy even in addition with cement or lime.

POLYSTAB C is added to the soil to be stabilized during mixing with water or directly in the water before mixing with the soil and then compaction is carried out.

The dosage of POLYSTAB C normally varies from 0.2% to 0.6% on the weight of the water added to the soil (about 30% -35% on the weight of the soil), which on average correspond to:

  • 0,6 kg – 2 kg per ton of land
  • 0,45 l – 1,6 l per ton of land
  • 1,0 kg – 3,6 kg per m3 of land
  • 0,8 l – 4,5 l per m3 of land

POLYSTAB C can be stored for 24 months in its original closed packaging, at a temperature between 5 ° C and 30 ° C. Depending on the storage temperature, the product can vary viscosity, however its characteristics are not compromised.

For more information on classification, protective measures and measures in case of fire, please refer to the product safety data sheet, available on request.

The advice on the methods of use correspond to the current state of our knowledge and do not imply the assumption of any guarantee and / or responsibility on the final result of the work. Therefore, they do not exempt the customer from the responsibility of verifying the suitability of the products for the intended use and purposes through preventive tests.