POLYFLUX PKLL is a plant-based flux-modifier-activator of adhesion for the production of highperformance cold-workable bituminous conglomerates, it allows to improve the mechanical characteristics of the bitumen and its stability both to atmospheric agents and to the passage of traffic. Cold-workable bituminous conglomerates are used for road maintenance and are produced using low-temperature asphalt plants by mixing: bitumen, selected aggregates and the POLYFLUX PKLL additive which guarantees cold workability.
After filling the hole it is immediately passable. The bituminous conglomerate hardens quickly with the passage of traffic; the presence of the organo-polymeric modifier and the adhesion activator allow to obtain an elastic conglomerate, resistant to traffic and in any case workable even at low temperatures.

POLYFLUX PKLL can be used with aggregates between 3-6 mm or 4-8 mm (also derived from milled), it is also possible to add 0-4 mm sand up to 10-30% of the total weight of the aggregates.


  1. Introduce the aggregates into the mixer first (T = 80 – 120 ° C), then add POLYFLUX PKLL;
  2. After 2-5 seconds of mixing, add the bitumen and mix for another 15-25 seconds. (alternatively POLYFLUX PKLL can be added at the same time as the bitumen);
  3. Then continue mixing for 5-15 seconds;
  4. Allow the mix to cool;
  5. Pack the conglomerate in bags or store it in accumulation.

If POLYFLUX PKLL has been stored for a long time before use, it is advisable to mix the product.

The dosage of POLYFLUX PKLL varies according to the granulometric curve of the aggregates used, the climatic conditions and the type of bitumen used. With a 50/70 bitumen, the dosage varies from 20% to 30% on the weight of the bitumen (the higher the penetration value of the bitumen used, the lower the dosage of POLYFLUX PKLL to be added to the bituminous conglomerate).

POLYFLUX PKLL can be stored for 24 months in its original and closed packaging.

POLYFLUX PKLL is not classified as dangerous. For more information, refer to the product safety data sheet, available on request.

The advice on the methods of use correspond to the current state of our knowledge and do not imply the assumption of any guarantee and / or responsibility on the final result of the work. Therefore, they do not exempt the customer from the responsibility of verifying the suitability of the products for the intended use and purposes through preventive tests.